Catching up with KOMMANDO magazine

Its been an inexcusably long time since we last posted any news about KOMMANDO – International Special Operations Magazine.  Well, far from being dead and gone the magazine in fact continues to go from strength to strength.

Currently now on the market is Issue 10, March/April 2010, which has expanded to 84 pages.  They’ve also announced a cooperation partnership between themselves and ASSAUT magazine in France, RAIDS magazine in Italy, COMBAT ZONE magazine from the Czech Republic and SPEC OPS magazine from Poland.  Of course, you still have to be able to read German to fully enjoy KOMMANDO, but as usual there is an English language summary of the edition – and the photography is still fantastic as well.

In addition to regularly turning out a top notch magazine every 2 months, Herr Suenkler and his team have also been busy producing some special editions as well.  First up was the special edition focussing on NATO and European amphibious special operations forces back in September.  Unforunately its now sold-out, so if you missed it – you really missed it.

Next up is a special edition focussing on NATO and European Recce and LRRP forces.  This one should be out any time now, and can be ordered through the K-ISOM website.


The last item on the list of special editions for this year is due out around the end of May and is called “Missions”.  This first edition is all about Counter-Insurgency Operations in Afghanistan from OEF in 2001 to ISAF in 2010.


KOMMANDO have also been busy in the merchandising department too.  They’re now selling t-shirts and patches with the K-ISOM logo, and also a very nice poster of the G36 Modular Assault Rifle System.  All of these items can be ordered from the “Shop” on


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