MTP and Hybrid DPM in use in Afghanistan

Our recent post about the UK Royal Marines in Afghanistan featuring photos of the troops wearing the new MTP camo uniforms generated some debate about the type of Osprey body armour rigs in use as well.

In fact, in one of the photos it appeared as if one of the soldiers was wearing one of the experimental “Hybrid DPM” Osprey rigs that had previously been seen being trialled by members of the Royal Navy.


Well, it would seem entirely possible that the Royal Marine in question might well have been wearing one of the Hybrid DPM Osprey rigs.  Photographs and videos published yesterday by the British Army about 1 Mercian taking over from 1 Coldstream Guards in Helmand province, clearly shows the Hybrid DPM pattern Osprey rigs in use – together with MTP uniforms.

Watch the video here.


(close-up image courtesy of Dom Hyde)

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