Magpul PTS and KWA announce complete FPG

Magpul PTS is very excited to announce a joint venture with KWA to manufacture a COMPLETE VERSION of the Magpul PTS Folding Pistol Gun (FPG).

KWA is a respected leader in Airsoft manufacturing which specializes in GBB technology. With innovative designs like the MP7A1 and soon to be released KMP9 (a modern rendition of the TMP), KWA is known for reliability and performance.

The Magpul PTS FPG kit recently made available on the market was developed as a licensed replica of the Magpul Industries FPG and was designed around the KWA/KSC Gas Blowback system. The original intent was to manufacture a conversion kit for the many KWA M series and KSC G series guns that the FPG was developed around and which many consumers’ had in hand already. It quickly became obvious that the public interest for the FPG was greater than initially expected, and there was high demand for a completed version of the Magpul PTS FPG. A joint venture between Magpul PTS and KWA was an obvious choice, and that is now a reality.

KWA will be producing the necessary internals of the GBB system, nearly identical to the previous GBB design but with a few modifications and performance upgrades per Magpul PTS’ request.

Magpul PTS is confident that the products resulting from this joint venture will be of the highest quality and the collaboration will pave the way for future projects. The projected MSRP and release dates will be announced soon. The completed gun will ship with a high capacity magazine.

FPG images borrowed from USCMcorps.

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