Aussies to get new camo?

Well, it seems that the trend for countries to adopt semi-arid/multi-terrain camo patterned combat uniforms continues apace.  You might remember that this is exactly what I predicted a few weeks ago in this article.

After the Americans and British, its now the Australians turn.  However, unlike the US and UK, the Aussies have stuck with their existing camouflage pattern – simply adapting it with a new colouration intended for semi-arid terrain as in Afghanistan.

According to information posted in the forums of The International Camouflage Uniform Society:

The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) developed a mid-point colour set that may better meet the range of environments that deployed troops are encountering, particularly within Afghanistan.

In December 2009, the Chief of Army directed an in-theatre trial of the new pattern to confirm its effectiveness. This uniform is referred to as Disruptive Pattern Mid-Point Uniform (DPMU). Subject to the successful outcome of the Australian and in-theatre trials, Army intends to roll the DPMU uniform out to deployed troops as quickly as possible.

Rumours had been circulating that the Aussies were going to adopt MultiCam – after some SOG troopers were spotted wearing MultiCam in Afghanistan.  This announcement should effectively squash that notion.

Aussie troops in Afghanistan have also been previously photographed wearing a mix of temperate camo shirts and desert camo trousers.

[all photographs copyright Australian Department of Defence]

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