Combat and Survival – the UK’s truly “major league” military magazine

If you’re a regular reader of Strike-Hold! you’ll have seen me sing the praises of the German-language magazine Kommando.  Well, let’s not forget the English-language magazine right here on our door-step in the UK – Combat & Survival.

Unlike a certain other wannabe magazine that goes around claiming to to be “major league”, Combat & Survival is the real-deal.  Published since 1989, C&S is a high-quality and informative magazine that’s always been up-to-date and independent on a range of military and survival topics, or as it says on the front cover of each issue – special operations * firearms * elite units * foreign forces * militaria. 

When the real dudes shell out their hard-earned dosh, this is the magazine they recognise as the true “major league” read. 

Combat & Survival doesn’t just reprint material from the web, or from press releases and articles from military public relations bods.  They have proper, professional, well-respected and authoritative correspondents who go out and report from in the field and in combat zones.  To me, that’s the real benefit that only a good printed magazine can provide – in-depth, up-close-and-personal, reports from people who really know what they’re writing about – becuase they’ve been there and seen it and lived it. 

That’s why – on top of all the stuff I pull off the web for free – I’m also happy to pay for Combat & Survival every month.  The June issue is out now, and the May issue was really good too (I especially liked the review of the Sonim Land Rover S1 rugged mobile phone in the May issue).

Combat & Survival has also been available in an online, digital format for a while too.  Check it out, plus exclusive extra content, on their website:

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