Montenegren “MultiCam”

Several weeks ago a photograph was posted on the web that set the forums buzzing – it appeared to show a soldier from the tiny Balkan state of Montenegro wearing a full Multicam loadout, in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan – as the 45th nation to contribute forces to ISAF.

Suddenly, Montenegro was famous for something other than being the location of high-stakes poker games (ala, “Casino Royale”) and the home country of TV sleuth Nero Wolfe. 

But alas, as is so often the case with internet speculation, the reality turns out to be slightly different – and in fact more interesting.  Thanks to information from Marko of the International Camouflage Uniform Society, we now know that the pattern is in fact a Montengren developed derivative of Multicam (no info yet as to whether money changed hands between the Army of Montenegro and Crye Precision – but one must assume that it did). 

This close-up image of the pattern shows how its marked with the letters “VCG”  for Vojska Crne Gore (in English that means “Army of Montenegro”) – next to a pattern element in the shape of a map of Montenegro.

The uniforms are actually made by the Croatian firm Kroko (makers of the new Croatian Army uniforms), and the individual equipment in the pattern is made by the Serbian firm Mile Dragic (who manufacture gear for the Serbian forces as well).

Thanks to Marko, we also have copies of the official Montenegren Army photos for the proper wear of the new clothing and kit in the new camo.  Enjoy!


So, is “MultiCam” the new “Woodland”?

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