Venom Industries open for business

You might remember that back in March we brought you the news that Bulldog Equipment were going to enter the commercial market, with a sister company called Venom Industries.  Well, they officially launched their new website last week and are open for business.

A quick snoop around the new website reveals a much wider selection of products than was originally reported.  Yes, they have their new range of “Cobra” concealment pouches, but they are also offering a very broad selection of Bulldog Equipment kit that was previously only available to bona fide US military customers.  The Cobra series is being offered in tan, olive green, black and grey colours; whilst the Bulldog kit appears to be available in UCP, coyote brown, tan, and even in Bulldog’s own Mirage Camo pattern.  The one thing they’re not selling through the website – at least not yet – is their Mirage Camo combat uniform.  They also include the caveat that 95% of all Venom Industries, LLC products are custom made per order.

Check em out:

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