HERA-ARMS Colt Pistol Extension

German company H.E.R.A. (“High-grade European Research for small Arms”, aka HERA-ARMS) produces a range of weapon accessories and conversion kits.  (Their website is available in both English and German)

Whilst perhaps best known for their Glock Carbine Conversion kit, or even their Buttstock/Grip Conversion kit for the HK SL-8, their “Colt Pistol Extension” (or CPE for short) shows that even a 100-year old design like the Colt M1911 can be brought bang up to date with the latest innovations.

A model of simplicity, the CPE simply bolts on to the pistol in place of the normal grips to provide a platform for tactical accessories without having to modify your pistol.  With the inclusion of an additional adapter, the CPE frame will also take AR-15 type stocks – put a longer barrel on your 1911 and you now have a quick and easy tactical carbine.  The CPE is available in Black, Tan and Olive Drab.

* Note: check the firearms legislation for your area before shelling out for one of these, as the CPE essentially turns your standard pistol into a stocked-pistol – and that may not be legal where you live.

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