Ops-Core Base Jump Helmet

Ops-Core is releasing a new, non-ballistic helmet called the “Base Jump” this week which is based on their popular FAST shell – but made from non-ballistic plastic. Ops-Core’s current non-ballistic helmet, the FAST Bump, is made from carbon-fibre.

The Base Jump comes as both a “Sports” model and a “Military” model – both of which use the Occ-Dial liner setup. 

The Sports Model features the NVG shroud molded directly into the shell, a single “under the chin” strap and no Picatinny adapter.

The Military model features a split, “over the chin” chinstrap, NVG bungees and a Picatinny adapter.

The Military model comes “dipped” in MultiCam or desert MARPAT or painted tan, green or black.  The Sports model is molded in tan, green, black or red.

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