Fixing the AK charging handle

As good and reliable as the AK platform is, we all know that there are a few problems with its ergnomics – from a modern, usability perspective anyways.

One of the big, fundamental issues has always been its charging handle – as its located on the right-hand side of the rifle, is a fixed reciprocating design, and is improperly shaped for left-handed operation.  The Finnish Valmet/Sako series, and the Israeli Galil based on it, achieved a partial resolution of these issues by cranking the handle upwards so that the operator could do a “reach-over” to charge the rifle.  But as soon as you mount an optical sight on the rifle, this method is no longer an option.

Enter the AK Ratchet Charging System from Dublin AK Systems.

Full details, and a video of it in action, can be found on Dublin AK Systems website:

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