Drop Zone Supplies becomes a Disciple of MultiCam

Run by a former Para (there’s no such thing as an “ex-Para”), Drop Zone Supplies now have a second retail store in Tidworth, Wiltshire.  Their latest newsletter also contained details of the range of Disciple OSE gear in MultiCam that they’re now carrying.

The Disciple Operational Service Equipment (OSE) is a range of tactical load bearing equipment that has been designed for the needs of the Soldier of today. Using cost effective materials, combined with innovative product design and end-user feedback, Disciple have a range of tactical load bearing equipment that is suitable for either in the UK or extended ops in Afghanistan.

All products are manufactured in MultiCam material, so they’re an ideal fit with either the new British military Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP) Camouflage, or the new US Army OCP camo clothing system (MultiCam by another name) for operational use in Afghanistan.

Click on the image below to land on the drop zone.

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