Reversible web gear

The recent release of the reversible chest rig panel from CP Gear struck me as one of those “why-didn’t-anybody-think-of-this-before” moments.  After all, it makes perfect sense don’t you think?

With a few noteworthy exceptions, most countries and/or military branches issue different camouflage uniforms for “woodland” and “desert” use.  One of the most obvious challenges this poses is the need to either also issue different coloured/patterned web gear to match, or choose a less-than-ideal “neutral” solid colour (as the USMC does), or have a reduction in camouflage performance by using a mismatched uniform and web gear combination.

The other option is to attempt to create a single “universal” or all-terrain pattern – like the US Army’s disasterous UCP scheme or the Latvian’s not-so-bad “Legoflage” pattern (note: “Legoflage” is a nickname I created for it becuase the shapes remind me of Lego blocks, and I don’t know what the official designation is) – not to mention the more successful MultiCam and MTP camo schemes.

Now, the notion of producing and issuing 2 differently coloured/patterned sets of web gear has never caught on becuase of the high costs and logistical complications this would create.  On the other hand, the issuing of a single set in a neutral solid colour provides distinct cost savings and simplified logistics – but it does entail a reduction in overall camouflage effectiveness, and also seems to be a bit of backward step in this day and age when everybody wants to be decked out in the latest tacticool “go faster” camouflage patterns.

So, against this backdrop CP Gear’s idea to create a reversible-camouflage load carrying chassis appears to be an ideal work-around.  Yes, you’d still need to have 2 sets of pouches; but as most armour and load-carrying rigs these days are completely modular anyways, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker in my opinion.

What do you think?

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