UK-Spec MagPul PTS Masadas now in country

I had a chance to get up-close-and-personal with an example of the RoHS, VCRA and UKASGB compliant UK-spec Masada today at the Airsoft Arms Fair (courtesy of Edgar Brothers Airsoft).

First impressions were very very good; it shoots like a dream with a nice smooth-sounding and running mech box, good velocity and accuracy was very good too – straight out of the box.  I was shooting at mess tin sized targets mounted on stakes a good 30 metres away and was able to consistently put BBs on target despite blustery crosswinds and .20 BBs.  Look out for more on this baby soon!

Meanwhile, if you want to be sure that your Masada is the real, legal, UK-Spec deal check out this handy comparison guide from Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey:

Meanwhile in the real-steel world, not such good news for owners of the semi-auto-only civilian ACR; it seems Bushmaster has issued a recall because some rifles have been found to accidentally slip into full-auto!  Ooops….

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