C3 Tactical: Taking airsoft to a whole new level

Think, command-control-communications and you’ll understand the name.

I had a lengthy chat with this good bunch of guys at the UK’s Airsoft Arms Fair over the week-end, and I like their style.   They’re a relatively new company based in the Forest of Dean and have a 50 acre site with diverse terrain and tactical features for airsoft skirmishes and training.  For some of their more advanced training programmes they de-camp to the wilds of North Wales.

C3’s range of services come under the headings of Corporate, Military and Airsoft.  Under the Corporate heading they provide airsoft-based “experience days” and team-building events tailored for corporate clients.  Under the Military heading they provide a range of training packages covering leadership and tactics, basic infantry skills, and specialised role and scenario training.  Under the Airsoft heading they run single-day and week-end skirmishes.

C3 are passionate about airsoft and want to share the knowledge and experience of their ex-elite forces instructors to raise the level of skill and excitement in airsoft around the country.  Considering that part of their training syllabus includes a live-fire sniper course and actual parachute jump training – as well as essential basic skills – I’d say they’re off to a great start on the way to achieving their aims.

I look forward to being able to being able to attend one or more of their training programmes soon and reporting first-hand on the experience.

In the meantime, for full details of their offerings and calendar of events check out their website at www.c3tactical.co.uk, follow them on Facebook (’C3 Tactical’ group), on Twitter and on Tumblr (c3tactical.tumblr.com).


They’ve also had some coverage in the local press, which clears up what those funny-looking huts are in some of the photos on their website. 

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