Sharpen your land navigation skills with ITS Tactical

A buddy of mine was shocked recently when I told him that I don’t own a GPS unit.  Now, I’m not a Luddite by any means – and I have found a vehicle GPS unit to be very useful when driving in a foreign country.  But at home I always rely on good old-fashioned paper maps to find my way around (even though I usually print out just the bits I need from a web-based mapping site like Multimaps).

When I go stomping around on the ground I find a paper map to always be extremely useful too.  For one thing, its the quickest way to be able to read the terrain and recce a route, and also to orient yourself to the terrain to find your location.  Okay, that was two things.

Now, I probably will get a GPS unit at some point as well, in order to augment my maps, but its still good to keep the old skills sharp in case the batteries go dead on the GPS, or if it gets lost, stolen or broken.  My buddies over at ITS Tactical must be thinking the same way becuase they’ve been publishing a string of articles all about good old-fashioned “analogue” land navigation.

Check out their “Land Nav 101” series:

Introduction to map terminology

Introduction to map margins

Reading and associating terrain

Compass selection and recommendations

Understanding the Universal Transverse Mercator System

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