Clearing out the kit room

One person’s need for more space is another one’s opportunity to get some cool kit.  Check out my latest listings on eBay if you’re after some good kit at good prices – especially camouflage clothing.  By the way, mention Strike-Hold! if you win the auction and I’ll send you a free patch as a thank you!

Condor SUMMIT Tactical Soft Shell Jacket:

Mil-Tec Flecktarn Kommando Smock:

Bundeswehr Flecktarn Tactical Smock:

“Mountain Stalker” digi-camo SAS-smock:

Bundeswehr-trials Flecktarn Field Shirt:

Bundeswehr Flecktarn KSK-Kommando Combat Trousers:

5.11 Tactical digi-woodland camo TDU:

HyperStealth Spec4ce digital-woodland camo uniform:

Matching headgear for the Mountain Stalker, HyperStealth and 5.11 Tactical uniforms will be up soon too.

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