Airsoft Czech SA Vz.58

While the Vz 58 resembles the AK externally (and also fires the same cartridge), it’s actually a different gun as it uses a short-stroke gas piston and other design improvements. Of course the airsoft version is completely different internally.

Coming soon from Airsoft Pro in the Czech Republic, this unique AS.58 set is based on the real-steel Czech vz.58. Complete set include all newly designed and built parts except the gearbox.  Some parts such as stock, foregrip and sights are actual real-steel vz.58 parts.

The complete set includes:

  • Metal body
  • Metal outer barrel
  • Brass inner barrel
  • SHS CNC HopUp chamber with rubber and adjusting level
  • Wood foregrip
  • Metal folding or wood solid stock
  • Metal receiver
  • Metal receiver cover with spring
  • Plastic grip
  • Selector + parts
  • Body pins and screws
  • 600 round hi-cap magazine
  • Original Czech army sling


  • Version III gearbox (as per AK)
  • simple tools (screw driver, hex bit and small hammer)
  • 15 minutes for final assembly (allegedly)

The Vz 58-P costs around $750 USD and Vz 58-V costs around $770.

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