Kitanica launch dual-function Fleece

To “get fleeced” used to have a negative connotation in the English language – but these days, every real-deal tactical operator (and fanboy / wannabe) is not only happy to get fleeced, but actually look forward to it.  I’m referring of course to the explosive popularity of fleece jackets as a thin, lightweight and effective insulation layer.

After years of seeing one copy-cat fleece jacket after another, Kitanica have just changed the rules and blown a great big gust of fresh, cold air through the industry with the launch of their MARK I Fleece Liner.  As the name implies, Kitanica’s fleece has been designed from the get-go to interface with their cutting edge MARK I Jacket, but this baby has also been designed from the start to work as a great stand-alone jacket in its own right too.

The 100 denier fleece has had a water repellancy treament and offers access to the hand pockets from the inside and out. Looking at the cutting-edge design and excellent features of the MARK I Fleece Liner, I think I’ve found my new favourite fleece jacket (just in time for a chilly November) – and I’ll be happy to let Kitanica “fleece me” any day.  😉

For full details, visit Kitanica’s website.

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