Woodland and Desert MultiCam?

An article published yesterday on Kit-Up! about how badly UCP has performed in several tests that the US Army has already run, will also no doubt get tongues wagging and fingers tapping for another reason.

Why?  Becuase the article mentions that the US Army has previously tested both a woodland and desert version of “Scorpion” camo (aka, MultiCam).  Now, to some people this is like being told that the Holy Grail actually exists and its going on display soon in the British Museum.  Other people might now ask why the Army is about to spend x amount of dosh on a major R&D programme to find its next-generation family of camo, if there is an off-the-shelf solution already to be had.  Well, maybe becuase other countries have already got there? 

Perhaps “Woodland Scorpion” looks a lot like the new Slovenian camouflage…

Maybe “Desert Scorpion” looks a lot like the new Macedonian camouflage…

I’m just sayin’

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