KOMMANDO, Issue 15

If you’ve got time to read at the moment – I don’t! – then you should definitely pick up the latest copy of KOMMANDO.  Of course, if you can’t read German then I guess you won’t exactly be “reading” it – but its always worth  it just for the photographs alone.  One of the highlights in this issue is a report on the new HK 121 7.62mm GPMG.  Could the venerable old MG3 have a serious competitor at last?

On a side note, many of you have written to me asking how to get a subscription to KOMMANDO – the details are:

Single issue: 6,50 €
One year subscription: 6 x 6,50 = 39€
EU shipping rules
Your Data: Forename, Surname, Address, City, ZIP Code, Country/State


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