Tac Up 4 Less with Tac-Up Gear’s Spring Sale

Martin of Tac-Up Gear has sent in news about the really great offer they have on their Expedition BDU and Boonie Hat in Swedish M90 camouflage.

You can now get their Expedition BDU Trousers for the great price of €24.99, their Expedition BDU Jackets for an amazing €19.99 and the Boonie Hat for a truly unbeatable €7.99! 


NOTE:  these special prices only apply to these items in Swedish M90 temperate camouflage – items in M90K desert camo are not included in this offer.

Full details of Tac-Up Gear’s Expedition BDU and Boonie Hat can be found on their website:  http://eng.tacupgear.com/

While you’re there, make sure you also check out their EAW Scarves in M90 and M90K camouflage.  These lightweight synthetic scarves are a fantastic alternative to the cotton schemaghs that are so popular these days.  We’ve been using a couple of them for several months now and we think they’re great because:

  • they provide better camouflage and breathability
  • they’re more lightweight and “scrunchable” than a schemagh
  • they wick rather than absorb sweat or moisture and are quick drying


Check out Tac-Up’s product demos on YouTube to see more:  http://www.youtube.com/user/Tacupgear

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