And how about an ultra-realistic airsoft RPK?

Keeping with the GBB AK theme, how about an HPA powered RPK?  These new custom guns from Opforce TTS also feature a metal body from LCT with a second generation AK GBB drop-in kit.  All parts are machined to precise specifications to give a consistent FPS and plenty of felt recoil. 

Opforce give a 3 month warranty on the RPK and the price is $899 USD

Opforce TTS/DG Gas Blowbacks

Opforce TTS produces airsoft GBBs for milsim players who are looking for a reliable and consistent system with high felt recoil and precision workmanship.  All systems also undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality.

Opforce TTS gas blowback systems use nitrogen / HPA – so they can be run in freezing temperatures with no cool down effect. CO2 can also be used if desired. Another advantage of Opforce GBBs is that they use normal AEG magazines. This presents obvious cost savings, as well as improved reliability and weight savings.

Opforce say that their systems are made with only the best materials, for heavy skirmish play, and feature nickel plated steel, brass, and stainless steel for the internals, as well as a full-sized steel bolt. No cast zinc is used in any of their Training Systems.

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