Want an ultra-realistic airsoft AKM?

About a month ago, I posted an article about using high-end quality airsoft replicas for CQB / MOUT / FIBUA training.  In that piece I suggested that what we really need to have is a better, more reliable gas system in order to achieve the highest possible level of realism for airsoft.  Well, having done some research on the recently released GHK AKM line-up, I think we might just be looking at the next leap forward.

Check this baby out!

  • Real wood stock and fore-grip – finished to a high level
  • Real metal externals – also finished to a high level
  • Stamped steel magazine – just like the real thing
  • 40-BB magazine capacity
  • CO2-powered (dual-caplets in magazine)
  • 120 m/s muzzle velocity and “hard” recoil


What intrigues me the most about this set-up – besides the obvious high-quality of the externals and internals – is the CO2-caplets-in-mag approach.  I’ve always wondered why airsoft manufacturers didn’t make more use of this type of system – after all, its a well-proven technology that’s been used successfully for a long time in BB/pellet firing air rifles and air pistols.  So, it seems far more sensible than the often persnickity gas-in-mag approach which has been more common in airsoft.

And it certainly seems better than the complex, fiddly and finnicky electro-mechanical systems of AEGs.  Given the amount of problems I’ve been having lately with batteries and gear-boxes I’m all in favour of something simpler, more reliable and more realistic!

And there’s more than one model to choose from as well:

Finally, this video gives you an impression of how much more realistic the shooting experience is…

For more info, visit:  www.samoon.com.tw

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