Top 10 Special Operations Raids

Nice piece on the BBC website:

What you nominate for your Top 10 (successful) special operations raids / assaults of modern times?

Off the cuff, mine would be:


1.  Eben Emael

2. Bruneval

3. The SAS airfield raids during North African campaign 

4. Gran Sasso

5. Pegasus Bridge


1. Brazzaville

2. Kolwezi

3. Entebbe

4. Mogadishu (GSG9 – not “Black Hawk Down”)

5. Operation Acid Gambit (Panama)

For more detail about “Operation Thunderbolt” (the Israeli operation to rescue hostages from deep inside Uganda) see this excellent article on the BBC’s website: Recollections of Entebbe.

And for an insightfully-researched, well-illustrated, and cracking good read – check out Osprey’s coverage in their RAID series

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