Second Look – PenCott camouflage

New photos just in of “Herbie Hyde” sporting his brand-new prototype set of PenCott camouflage clothing.  The eagle-eyed among you may notice that the colours on the trouser pockets are slightly different shades from the trousers themselves.  This is because they were cut from a previous batch of cloth printed for calibration of the colours.

I like the way the top of the back pockets are sealed with a patch of velcro, and the way the edge has a scooped profile – this will make them much easier to access and also permits the placement of longer objects into the pockets (such as a ready-mag).  I also like the way the flaps on the chest and thigh pockets are angled, and that the bottoms are lined with mesh so water or dirt will drain out easily.  I’m not so sure about the patch of mesh material on the exterior of the right-hand chest pocket – it interrupts the camouflage and I wonder why you’d want it, or what it could be used for.  Any ideas?

Notice how effective the pattern is in its natural environment though.  A good buddy of mine does covert rural observation ops with a major UK police force; I bet units like that would be interested in this stuff…


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