Algerian special forces on the hunt for Al-Qaeda leaders

source:  El Khabar

Special counterterrorism forces in charge of neutralizing Al-Qaeda leaders in Sahel

Security services have launched an operation aimed at neutralizing leaders of Al-Qaeda in their fiefs in the Sahara and Sahel.  Moreover, terrorist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar has been sent what has been understood as “a final warning” to make up his mind to join Reconciliation as soon as possible; or be eliminated.

In fact, security services have set the elimination of such terrorists as Hamid Essoufi and Yahia Djouadi as a priority in the upcoming months, a well informed source said.  An experienced security team has been charged of such a mission, added the same source.

The team comprises highly skilled officers and experts in counterterrorism, backed up by a special unit of Army special forces and trackers equipped with listening devices, unmanned aircraft, and high-tech devices capable of covering wide areas and accurately localizing phone calls, in addition to other techniques.

El Khabar has been told that security forces have for a couple of weeks been watching movements of terrorists, proceeding from a specific site in the far south of Algeria.


A well informed source said: “We will soon neutralize all leaders of Salafist group in the Sahara and the Sahel, and then eliminate them – within the context of a security programme that recently came into force.”

In this context 25 terrorists ranked as masterminds of Al-Qaeda in Algeria and Sahel region are being tracked down by this special unit.  The unit was created earlier this year following the abduction of 6 foreign nationals, including two Canadian diplomats.

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